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Game project 06

SPITE: Knight of Odin


As you wake up from a feast gone wrong you find yourself overrun by the dead. Still intoxicated you fight your way out of the city and into the core of the mountains to put an end to the horrors.​

My Contribution:

  • Level Designing all levels together with LD colleague, switching ownership.

  • Level Propping/Level Art

  • Enemy balancing

  • Created most of the top downs and the level overview for the world design.

  • Part of taskforces: UI, Environment and Story

Production time:

  • 14 weeks half-speed 


  • Unity

  • TGE

The team:

  • 3 Level Designers

  • 5 Game Artists

  • 5 Game Programmers



Developing for Spite: Knight of Odin was a challenging yet fun experience. The Spite universe is a TGA game series where the games take place in the same universe. We have access to some of the previous project's assets and learning how to use them well and keeping the theme intact was fun. Level design and the Graphics team worked closely to create modules that we could use to build more organic outside environments. These pieces did do that but also forces the level design to build with them as a foundation. This was difficult and required us to come up with creative solutions. 


Since Spite is a Diablo clone, it was particularly fun to dress some of the out of bounds areas that only function as vistas and side scenes. In this project, I focused a lot on organic level design, verticality and asymmetrical design for interiors. I did multiple revisions on levels to modify their design with these design principles when appropriate. 

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