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I'm a level designer & level artist with a strong focus on creating intricate environments with careful attention to detail.

Hi, I’m currently a student at The Game Assembly looking for intership as a leveldesigner or level artist. I grew up in Stockholm and during highschool I studied traditional art and form.  


I’ve had a passion for architecture since I was a child. Often, I would recreate structures from architectural blueprints in games like The Sims. Examining the intricacies of design blossomed into a desire to make my own creations as a level designer. I’m captivated by the challenge of eliciting powerful emotional responses from the spaces I create.

Growing up I often went out hiking and that has given me a sharp edge for designing natural environments. Therefore, all my designs is tailored for an immersive, yet organic experience. 


I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to bring my love for architecture and nature to life through my designs. I love experimenting with different ideas and exploring new ways to capture the essence and function of a space.

Most of all, I love the sense of connection and community that comes with being a level designer.


Miriam Katz

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